Friday, 28 October 2011

Defining my objectives

Presenting my ideas for the final project helped me to identify and clarify the subject that interests me. It started with an imaginary line that sets some sort of invisible border deviding the city and creating a new navigational notion. Instead of focusing only on certain area within the city, and restraining myself with already set line, I decided to broaden the surveying a little and get a clear definition of my issue for now. What lines means within the city, within society? Line is a representation, a symbol for restrictions. Lines in graphics sets a border, limits. Lines in notebooks sets liniar restriction of writting. Lines becomes streets- setting boundaries between movement and static. Streets becomes borders between cities, counties. In other words, lines, whatever it would represent, defines rules. It can be social, political, geographical rules. For the first part of my project I'd like to identify geographical and social borders and how they interact with each other. Differing scale rules. What would happen if city would become limited with a new set of borders? Boundaries that would split cities depending on their social level, politics etc?
For the second part I want to introduce the way people start to migrate between cities. There is boundaries, borders for contents, countries. But what happens, when people start to migrate between cities- different social levels starts to juxtapose together? How those city borders influence social context? If taking example of Berlin wall- city would start to split into separate parts, deviding city based on its social level?

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