Sunday, 30 October 2011


The moral stance that global justice can be served by a world of open
borders in which individuals are free to move wherever they wish presumes
a world without borders, without states, without repressive regimes,
without vast differences in the health, education and welfare services
offered by governing authorities, and without vast differences in incomes
and employment. In the absence of these conditions the noble vision
becomes a nightmare…
Myron Weiner (1996, p. 177)

A great quote and also very coresponding to critical design- we imagine this idea of splitted cities, boundaries between them being radical and provocative, perhaps very scary. But bigger posibility is, that world is full of invisible, mental boundaries and borders that we pass everyday and it became our routine without realisation. What scares us about this division into separate cities, elements is just physical and tangable disjunction and realisation, change in what we got used to.
It really made me think- really, is imaginary borderless world is less scary than the one with differences that marked its teritory?

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