Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Trying to identify/clarify my aims and proposal

Area: Between London Victoria and Sloane Square. Where Good meets Bad. By Good I mean areas that serve as mentally safe places for me. Bad areas is my definition of places that makes me be cautious of environment I am surrounded by. Although buildings in both areas differ to each other visually and by stereotypical views I am able to guess rich and poor areas, I am more interested in codes, elements within those spaces that produces an emotional and mental image of the place.

Good areas: Vertically positioned, rhythmical in terms of the structure and the way it falls to perspective. Repetitive. Windows taller. Light white colour.

Bad areas: Horizontally positioned, rhythmical but dynamic. Horizontal lines of the building is highlighted with white against its dark brown colour. Boxed image of the building. Windows squared and repetitive. Even if it is a block building built vertically rather than horizontally, it still has white lines determining horizontal line. Normally estate is "wrapped" with set of fences and secured by gates. Red, blue, white colours.

My input and proposal: Within my location, invent place(s) where Good meets Bad. Good is white, grand (?), falling into perspective. Bad is powerful, strong, surrounded by fences. Have many perspectives.
Invented area would become a coded place and would exist by a new set of rules, which would determine differences between places.
Present visual of buildings would become the past. It would become coded into elements, segments that would make a system. I would judge the space and its differences by where elements would juxtapose with each other.

Aim: representation of un(comfortable) spaces and determination of the line where those spaces juxtaposes.
Breaking the elements of the buildings that identify the place into codes and how it would change the space and its boundaries.
Creating new, invented territories out of existing ones.

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