Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Second. Timeline through cities

Derived from the first idea of Earth split in sections, meridian lines etc., I thought of timeline of the Earth. We have prime meridian line that indicates split line between east and west as well as indicates time, starting from 0, the further you go, the bigger time difference will be (+1; +2 hours etc.). I started thinking about it, and although it is not physically visible, in my understanding means, that the further you go, the futher in the time you go. Of course, in paradox the further you go, the more into the future you go, at the same time, time passes while you go so probably it is about the same time. But think of the time difference between London and New York- coming from America you lose one day- you do step in the future, or vice versa- you go back into the same day you have already experienced.
But it made me think- what if space we live in was devided into time lines where really- people would be living yesterday and tommorow. What if timeline and time difference in it was so close to each other that your house was in present and your neighbour was living tommorow? How would that change the understanding of time, time within the environment and how would you call past, present and future when you have everything at once? Would movement would indicate it? Just like movie timeline- you go forward- you go into the things that WILL happen, you go back- you go what's already experienced?
Perhaps, this is what we already have without knowing- every second of the our lives makes our future- our past.
What influence time has on us at all?

Primary being a little test for continious prime meridian line across the Greenwich Park, it gave me an idea of a timeline too- each picture is an element of the sequence- one before becomes past, and the one forward becomes a future. How to indicate time?

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