Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Third. Walking through cities

 After discussions in tutorial, it tweaked me an idea of people and their relationship to technologies- how mentaly controlled we are by it, and although it can be practical, sometimes it feels that we loose basic values of everyday routines. Considering this idea, I thought of google maps. To narrow it down, google street maps. Only couple of years ago, it was new to have maps online, GPS directing you while driving etc. Quickly after that, google streets came out. Brand new, very exciting and really handy feature in google maps, with couple of complaints going along with that about personal privacy issues. Now thinking years ago, map users had compass, if they were really lost, self knowledge to direct themselves to find the street they wanted to find etc. These days, before going anywhere, you can check where it is, what good recommendations is for food in that particular place and so. You can check the streets and how the sea side looks just sitting by the screen! Over all, you don't need to travel anymore- you can see the whole wide world on the screen! What you don't get- is the atmosphere, ambience of the place, adventures, people.
Inspired by Riki Mereki work MOVE:

I thought it would be great to create something along that lines- fun, exciting, with essence why it is different exploring city in real.
An image with the same centured person in everyshot- walking along the same line in different locations- backdrop changing accordingly.

Starting with a something simple.
Playfulness of the existing and a glimpse into surreal. Context via motion, journey.
A scripted sequence.
Starting with a line, which direct the journey. What do I get/see along it?

Films to watch:
Finisterre, Kelly, P. and Evans, K. (Vital)
London, [DVD] 1994, Keiler, P. England (BFI)
Robinson in Space, [DVD] 1997, Keiler, P. England (BFI)

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