Friday, 11 November 2011

Speed architecture

Overall I thought the whole idea of presenting your work in very short amount of time was a good excercise, especially knowing that soon we will be doing that again in order to find some jobs for ourselves. Not only that you have to time what you say, you need to be selective about your keywords, about what pieces of work you want to show and need to be confident and knowledgable about the subject you're interested in in order to answer the questions that may arise. It was a good excercise to challenge yourself to be able to select ideas from feedbacks that fits into what you want to do and the ones not so as well as being able to adapt the advise into what you could do next.
My key ideas and advises on project from tutors were:

-Boundaries between postal areas and post code gangs- wars rising just for the sake of living in different postal areas.
-Channeling users through optional areas- tourist areas, shortest from A to B and so on.
-If channeling people, need to make a clear point why? Why I would channel people through rough areas? If they had an option, why would they want to go through rough areas if they had a choice? (**And if they didn't? how would it change the social level?**)
-Beauty of void- Christo example- covering the monuments with fabric and revealing what is unseen.
-Get a clearer idea of experience in good and bad areas - through models, photographs, drawings. Be more sensible to specific places. Have a more specified area to look at and investigate it in details. Investigate places that clashes with one another.
-Victorian housing- vertical liniar pattern- council housing- horizontal liniar pattern.
-If concept is about "what if", have many "ifs" and different concepts to each of them. Perhaps, to have an understanding of scenarios and what would happen. If I'm channeling people- understand different concepts that could arise if I would change the route slightly.
-Breaking borders to create new borders.
-Paul Klee, Tim Ingold, Francis Aylis.
-Experimentation with society. One of the tutors said that it is scary thinking about how we are manipulated by our environment without any acknowledgement and how easily we could become an experimentation of someone. I was pleased to see that the concept does turn into critical design and already brings up some fears that we didn't realise as much before. 
-Last point- it was a good experience to understand that you won't please everyone and it shouldn't let your work down. Be confident in what you say, in what you do, and disagreement of someone else should set a challenge rather bring your work down.

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