Friday, 20 January 2012

defining (again)

Turning conceptual ideas into visual spaces.
Aggressive architecture.

For my project, inspiration comes from city's once imagined utopia, an agenda of the post-war period which over  time and through generations led society into a moral breakdown. Buildings which once provided home for less fortunate families as a hope for a brighter future now turned into self-defending terittories with its own rules. Self-invented territories and (de)privation of spaces  goes along with certain illegal/morally intolerant activities.
Today, an estate homes became a live sign of political and social control failure. Many council estate areas has developed in opposition to the wealthy Victorian style housing- historic buildings appreciated as an architectural masterpieces. Many places are differing from council to Victorian buildings as close as on the same street. With such a  moral, social, political and economical gap between different agendas and aiming of the buildings there started to develop self-insecurity, territorialism and understanding of moral values changed between people. Difference between the buildings (it became result of political issues within society) led into visible identification of wealth status. All of these differences became an affect of inner issues between politics and people, government and its views towards society and so on. As an interest for myself, one of the main things that this difference gap provided- was a stereotypical views towards certain areas and housing, its' associations with person's mental status being at the place. Precocious assumptions of feelings being in the place.
As a starting point I've looked at tribes and post code wars as a reference of self defencing territory and its' society's behaviour.
An idea I'm developing is that the buildings (as a result of fallen society, politics, rules) is the representation of it's inhabitants, and inhabitants is representation of the society and it's issues. I want to illustrate this invisible gap, border between differing places. Sometimes the invisible energy of the place changes imediatly, from feeling secure to insecure, from frightened to relaxed, and I do feel that to me it is the conceptual borders deviding the space. Just like tribes got their zones, this is my representation of differing places.

"Anthropologist Elman Service presented a system of classification for societies in all human cultures based on the evolution of social inequality and the role of the state. This system of classification contains four categories:
Gatherer-hunter bands, which are generally egalitarian.
Tribal societies in which there are some limited instances of social rank and prestige (see Chiefdom).
Stratified tribal societies led by chieftains.
Civilizations, with complex social hierarchies and organized, institutional governments."

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