Friday, 20 January 2012

"Guns don't kill people- people do"

"Guns don't kill people- people do" ( Wayne LaPierre)

This quote made me think about the subject in relation to architecture and issues of society that I'm provocing to overlook through conceptual thinking towards architecture. Just as in this quote, gun becomes a tool for further action to happen, shoot is a force of human's mentality. So perhaps in architecture, buildings, surroundings becomes a tool for mentality? Is surroundings of everyday life becomes a starting point for mental perceiving? or is it result of irresponsibility, self inconfidence and lack of morals?

Questions in relation to the project- how to link postal gangs and idea of mental borders existing depending on post codes with buildings? Do I take a new path for the project and aim to understand postal gangs even in more depth or do I take an idea, notion of division and relate it to buildings?

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